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  4. Integration Testing

  5. Deploy Docker Images and Maven Artifacts

  6. Documentation Extraction

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6ea14c2fa89ed3520a3ceffb7dd8c188a95212a3 6ea14c2fa89ed3520a3ceffb7dd8c188a95212a3
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57ac98550b0791a9520f640f52c67fdd4662cabc 57ac98550b0791a9520f640f52c67fdd4662cabc
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0b4f94f877b99bf10310f8ea3c3c0564c40d4f08 0b4f94f877b99bf10310f8ea3c3c0564c40d4f08
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José Ángel Carvajal Soto José Ángel Carvajal Soto 6ea14c2fa89ed3520a3ceffb7dd8c188a95212a3 6ea14c2fa89ed3520a3ceffb7dd8c188a95212a3 change json to sh

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