Initialization of the Optimization Environment

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b999e1a27bd251473dd95e43985a3295b9075c14 b999e1a27bd251473dd95e43985a3295b9075c14
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adff169c131bf387af5f913aa868d5eb3395e39b adff169c131bf387af5f913aa868d5eb3395e39b
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#17 (Manual run by Farshid Tavakolizadeh)
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Farshid Tavakolizadeh Farshid Tavakolizadeh b999e1a27bd251473dd95e43985a3295b9075c14 b999e1a27bd251473dd95e43985a3295b9075c14 updated frevo dockerfile
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Author Commit Message Commit date
Micha Rappaport <> Micha Rappaport <> adff169c131bf387af5f913aa868d5eb3395e39b adff169c131bf387af5f913aa868d5eb3395e39b fixed path specification of string template for exporting representation
Micha Rappaport <> Micha Rappaport <> 41e141715aa41c468e8fb64fd5aa152dd5a9ebb4 41e141715aa41c468e8fb64fd5aa152dd5a9ebb4 added requirements to testsuite
Micha Rappaport <> Micha Rappaport <> 324f35b2eb1db918472202aa4c68bd8c69651a27 324f35b2eb1db918472202aa4c68bd8c69651a27 replaced absolute path in testcase session file
Micha Rappaport <> Micha Rappaport <> e2bf4951d65daeaf2a1fa2f7c50816bc9b973a13 e2bf4951d65daeaf2a1fa2f7c50816bc9b973a13 make ros launch more generic: allow tilde for ros workspace parameter

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