Initialization of the Optimization Environment

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baec631b0e76996cd68dddc8de582e3a6596aa8d baec631b0e76996cd68dddc8de582e3a6596aa8d
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7e2074eca7a9110772d175f7a89a43a5a359caa8 7e2074eca7a9110772d175f7a89a43a5a359caa8
Modelio CPSwarm Extension
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#12 (Manual run by Farshid Tavakolizadeh)
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Farshid Tavakolizadeh Farshid Tavakolizadeh baec631b0e76996cd68dddc8de582e3a6596aa8d baec631b0e76996cd68dddc8de582e3a6596aa8d using testsuites from repository, switched to non-root user
Junhong Liang Junhong Liang 740ad3dd5e833fd1824b9ddb8931304943f85fe9 740ad3dd5e833fd1824b9ddb8931304943f85fe9 Change the output path for the generated files in the Modelio reference project
Junhong Liang Junhong Liang 611f75a79e45fc322e8019680be830ad53492a88 611f75a79e45fc322e8019680be830ad53492a88 Fixed the reference Modelio project
Junhong Liang Junhong Liang 2bfd31773dda17d9124781b390b5b9acf35be47b 2bfd31773dda17d9124781b390b5b9acf35be47b Added necessary files for Modelio testing

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