This plan builds the CPSwarm extension for Modelio and generates files for integration test with FREVO

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Stages & jobs

  1. Mirror to Github

  2. Build Modelio CPSwarm Extension

  3. Test integration between Modelio and CPSwarm Extension

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CPSwarm - CI Repo
51b8a4022ef7fef21ef3d3d962093016ef3d4364 51b8a4022ef7fef21ef3d3d962093016ef3d4364
Modelio CPSwarm Extension
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CPSwarm - CI Repo
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Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 51b8a4022ef7fef21ef3d3d962093016ef3d4364 51b8a4022ef7fef21ef3d3d962093016ef3d4364 added example script
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI a3742b15b9928ec6a5a4f97b1240a4100d85dbd7 a3742b15b9928ec6a5a4f97b1240a4100d85dbd7 corrected script_0_01_test_import_export
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 3725c3e052c46eca9ca4983dfc6cc53037ca61b6 3725c3e052c46eca9ca4983dfc6cc53037ca61b6 added pre-filled project modelio to workspace
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 8730c114b63b0aa583d4c1a4e779279828a11966 8730c114b63b0aa583d4c1a4e779279828a11966 added new script test
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 6dfe7327078876239187d1b84c3f60c917806e45 6dfe7327078876239187d1b84c3f60c917806e45 corrected script2

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