This plan builds the CPSwarm extension for Modelio and generates files for integration test with FREVO

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  1. Mirror to Github

  2. Build Modelio CPSwarm Extension

  3. Test integration between Modelio and CPSwarm Extension

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70b08223bfc4659cfd52bbbeeea9ea9d6ea3a8d1 70b08223bfc4659cfd52bbbeeea9ea9d6ea3a8d1
Modelio CPSwarm Extension
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Rui <> Rui <> 70b08223bfc4659cfd52bbbeeea9ea9d6ea3a8d1 70b08223bfc4659cfd52bbbeeea9ea9d6ea3a8d1 Update Dockerfile
Rui <> Rui <> 94f37c75a13eb901b400c251330cc23748a207d2 94f37c75a13eb901b400c251330cc23748a207d2 update stage SM using ROBOTNIK Stage simulator
Davide Conzon Davide Conzon 0363bb8ee4d068f2b9332f8526a91a39e039be68 0363bb8ee4d068f2b9332f8526a91a39e039be68 Update Dockerfile-test
Ákos Milánkovich Ákos Milánkovich b30dc8d34ea9df6fd46bc284ca8f90950460fbb3 b30dc8d34ea9df6fd46bc284ca8f90950460fbb3 Update Dockerfile
Ákos Milánkovich Ákos Milánkovich d8f60abe3bacef95285d4ed662251e54a0ac00e0 d8f60abe3bacef95285d4ed662251e54a0ac00e0 New build environment: ubuntu xenial

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