This plan builds the CPSwarm extension for Modelio and generates files for integration test with FREVO

Build: #151 was successful Changes by ebr and Kaïs CHAABOUNI

Stages & jobs

  1. Mirror to Github

  2. Build Modelio CPSwarm Extension

  3. Test integration between Modelio and CPSwarm Extension

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CPSwarm - CI Repo
4087d82e3189bb647486bf66f112b94cd12ee8d3 4087d82e3189bb647486bf66f112b94cd12ee8d3
Modelio CPSwarm Extension
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Code commits

CPSwarm - CI Repo
Author Commit Message Commit date
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 4087d82e3189bb647486bf66f112b94cd12ee8d3 4087d82e3189bb647486bf66f112b94cd12ee8d3 corrected test
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 32cd52b6ae46a7ae84951b5e9675ce1969c35592 32cd52b6ae46a7ae84951b5e9675ce1969c35592 update test project
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 9121c99371b86daea0d0bf2d5bc32e5e68aa2af4 9121c99371b86daea0d0bf2d5bc32e5e68aa2af4 updated test Attack Tree
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI eab0016c1c143175387675e5e136958e13f02685 eab0016c1c143175387675e5e136958e13f02685 corrected compression in root folder
Kaïs CHAABOUNI Kaïs CHAABOUNI 92a5db194cf316b124ab9e2c3db096f0b6badd35 92a5db194cf316b124ab9e2c3db096f0b6badd35 migrate test to Modelio 4.0

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