This plan mirrors SVN forge sources to Github repository, builds the module project and executes tests.

Build: #176 was successful

Job: Clone and Push was successful

Stages & jobs

  1. Mirror to Github

  2. Build Modelio Attack Tree Module

  3. Test integration for Modelio Module Attack Tree Designer

Job result summary

4 seconds

Error summary

The build generated some errors. See the full build log for more details.

W: Ignoring error from SVN, path probably does not exist: (160013): Filesystem has no item: '/svn/attack-tree-development/!svn/rvr/100/branches/modelio4.0.x' path not found
W: Do not be alarmed at the above message git-svn is just searching aggressively for old history.
This may take a while on large repositories
W: +empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/src/main/conf/res/generated/doctemplates
W: +empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/src/main/conf/res/generated/macros
W: +empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/src/main/conf/res/generated/patterns
W: +empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/src/main/conf/res/generated/scripts
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/src
W: +empty_dir: src/main/conf/res/generated/doctemplates
W: +empty_dir: src/main/conf/res/generated/macros
W: +empty_dir: src/main/conf/res/generated/patterns
W: +empty_dir: src/main/conf/res/generated/scripts
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/LICENSE.txt
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/assembly.xml
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x/pom.xml
W: -empty_dir: modelio3.8.x
Checked out HEAD: r136
Everything up-to-date